I was born in the early 90’s in colonial Hong Kong and grew up in the post-colonial period thereafter. I moved to Houston, Texas when I was 13 and went on to attend The University of Texas at Austin after high school. I’ve been living in Austin ever since.

My work draws from my experience of being an immigrant as well as my experience as a nonbinary person existing within two cultures. As a millennial who grew up watching VHS tapes on the weekends to witnessing the rise of smart phones before turning 20, I also draw on a feeling of consumerist nostalgia with my visual works.

Due to my adolescent and young adult years spent away from my family, I am always fascinated by how strangers form intimate relationships with each other. This mission to expel loneliness and to seek connection with other human beings with such different backgrounds fascinates me. I don’t claim to know very much at all, but I do seek to know how we can live well with others, no matter how different we are. I express this amorphous desire through my paintings.